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Apple wants to make things easier for an user to access its ecosystem, so yes you can actually check what all you have purchased  directly from your iOS devices, in a recent update, Apple has enabled users to check their apple purchase history right in settings app on iOS.

Earlier we were only able to do this with iTunes on mac or windows, it was a big hassle to figure out where to find apple purchase history,it was just for re-downloading, which did not show price you paid too, but now as of the recent updates on iOS we can easily check the whole purchase history which contains list of everything with prices.


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How to check apple my purchase history

  1. Open settings app, tap on your name and find iTunes &App store
  2. In iTunes &app store, enter your credentials,and authenticate them.
  3. Now scroll down to find a tab called purchase history, open it.
  4. you will not be able to view what other people on family sharing account has been purchasing but you’ll have a purchase history of things that you bought with your account

we can see that the purchase history list is sorted with things like date of purchase and mode of payments, you can also email yourself a copy of all purchases done, if you want to view what other members in a family sharing account have purchased, you can further tap on ‘report a problem’ and send a query, and you will have the list of purchases done with your account,right in your iOS device.

wrapping it up

Apple is improving itself rapidly from the suggestions of its huge user base, although bit slower this is progress, small things like allowing an user to see his purchase history,does make an impression on the transparency at which apple is serving its user base, its great to see companies like apple taking up user’s needs and implementing them, hope to see more of it in future, i hope this tutorial of how to find purchase history has helped you, do drop in comments if you have any more queries

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