we all know that if theres a problem with apps or music that we purchased from apple app store, we can request a refund directly from Apple, but what if you bought something by accident? or what if you didn’t like it or didn’t intend to buy? we have the solution, also note that without a valid reason this might not work as supposed, or if you abuse it,it may never work.

How to get refund of in app purchases in iPhone or iPad

Apple has no official way in iPhones or iPads to actually report a problem, and getting onto the website might be a hassle, so we can head onto the reciept in our email inbox, and if we scroll down the reciept, we can see a small link which says report a problem, on clicking on this we will be prompted to enter credentials, once we enter credentials we can move on to report the problem and obtain the refund! we will find a burger menu which contains all the problems, so we choose the right one and press on submit, wait for few days for approval and poof we get our refund back!

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How to get a refund for in app purchases on pc

  • head on to Apple’s problem reports page 
  • login with your Apple ID and password
  • select the tab in which category you want a refund from in app purchases, report a problem ,choose the problem from burger menu and click on submit, you’ll receive an email soon from apple.

Behind the scene

when we report a problem to Apple, our problems are sorted as per the choices, whether we want a refund from app purchase or in-app purchases,the issues will be forwarded to respective developers, and then decided to either refund you or if the issue is resolved close the ticket, so relevant and feasible reasons can get your money back rather than trying to create a fake reason to get back money


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