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How to Download Gmail Messages to your Computer



we all have to have backup of gmail messages on our hard drive or computer for reference or for any other purpose, so there are ways to download gmail messages, we are going to use a basic method to extract gmail messages to your computer easily, this is an inbuilt method or you can call it a feature from Google that not many of us know. we will be breaking this down into simple steps of how you can download all of your gmail messages data on to your hard disk or computer, in a compressed format

Steps to Download gmail messages to your computer

google as i mentioned earlier has this hidden feature tool that helps us in downloading your entire gmail data in a zip file. Although this tool isn’t found in gmail itself we gotta head to

  1. Go to and log in to your Google account
  2. Once you login you will see many tabs, in which you have to choose “Personal info & privacy” then head on to “control your content” 
  3.  Inside that you’ll find a section named “Download or transfer your content”  in which you’ll get an option called “download your data”
  4. after selecting that you can create archive of your entire gmail messages and download to your computer
  5. In the archive you get to choose what all data you want in the archive,pick the gmail data and you will have your  backup of gmail account on your computer.

here we can also use this method to export gmail to another account or either download vcard/contacts from all of your emails which is indeed very handy for us to work on, we get this data to export in either TGZ format or ZIP format as per your requirement, well this isn’t officially a gmail feature, but it is a Google feature where you have total backup of your entire data offline for your reference, which is a good thing.

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How to Clean Install Windows 10 From USB [Guide]



clean install windows 10

Looking to clean install Windows 10? either you must be upgrading to windows 10 from older version of windows can be buggy and problematic as it brings errors in drivers, applications already on your computer which may or may not work after Windows 10, you can avoid this by doing clean install of Windows 10.

Why to Clean Install Windows 10

there are several reasons to clean install Windows 10, mainly if you are upgrading from older operating systems like windows 7,8 and don’t want the applications and old files to take up the space, or you bought a new laptop or desktop and don’t want the bloatware on the system so you want to clean install windows 10, When Microsoft forced users to upgrade to Windows 10 from windows 7,8,8.1 it was annoying, but now you can clean install windows 10 and use a windows 7,8,8.1 license key to activate the Windows 10.

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How to clean install windows 10

there are many ways to clean install windows 10, but we are going to create a installation media using a USB flash drive, and clean install windows 10 using the USB.

Basically there are many ways to do this, before we head to clean install windows 10, make sure you take a backup of your important files, note that this won’t void your license key as we are gonna clean install windows 10 on the same device using USB.

Follow the below given steps carefully to clean install windows 10 using usb/dvd

Steps to clean install windows 10

  1. Download the latest Windows 10 ISO file: We need to have a copy of the latest Windows 10, you can get this on official site of Microsoft, now you need to make sure you choose the right version of OS if you have a 32bit processor or 64bit, you can check this by going to properties or check it manually, once you download this we can create a bootable USB in the next step
  2. Download  Windows USB/DVD Download Tool:clean install windows 10 you can download this free tool from microsoft website, this will help us create a bootable installation media to clean install windows 10, once you have downloaded the tool you can head on to create an installation media to clean install windows 10.
  3. Create installation media: Once you install Windows USB/DVD tool, you will get a screen where you can select the ISO which you want to create the installation media, select the Windows 10 ISO, and click next, you will be prompted to select the drive on which you are gonna create the installation media for clean installing windows 10
  4. Backup important files:  backup all the required files on your computer because a clean install of windows 10 may or may not erase the data on HDD depending on how you clean install windows 10.
  5. Change Boot Device Order: Now this is a bit tricky, you can do this by hitting F8 or F12(in some cases) make sure you have your installation media plugged in before booting, once you get into boot menu, you can change the device to USB on which you have the installation media on.
  6. Boot into Installation media:  once you are done with changing boot device order,restart into the bootable USB you will be taken to the screen to clean install windows 10.
  7. Complete the Installation process: clean install windows 10Now clean install of windows 10 is pretty easy, just make sure you choose the right partition(which drive you’re gonna clean install windows 10), and click next, choose the features and hit on install, sit back until it installs completely, restart.

Now you have successfully completed the  clean install  of windows 10 using USB.

Other ways to clean install windows 10

  • Using Media creation tool by Microsoft: Media creation tool is specifically built for clean installing windows 10, you can download this tool from Microsoft site, this tool simply works like the Installation media tool earlier,but makes it easy for you, as it can download the ISO for you and also you don’t have to reboot, you can clean install windows 10 like installing a software, but i strongly recommend the above steps than this tool as you will not have any old files of older operating system and you can truly clean install windows 10.
  • Resetting everything and installing a fresh OS:  you can entirely format the OS and remains of it, by resetting, and using Installation media, this will also take longer and there are risks of losing data on hard drives or even end up corrupting the disks, so better follow above steps to clean install windows 10

Hope you found this guide of ‘how to clean install windows 10’ useful, do let us know if you have a new method or if you have doubts regarding the process down below in comments.

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How to Install Custom Themes in Windows 10/7/8:Visual Styles



WIndows 10 custom theme

So you want custom themes on Windows 10? Windows 10 initially had this feature called ‘visual styles’ ever since windows vista, which enabled users to change looks and visual appearance of Windows 10, but this was a dead end for those looking for windows 10 custom theme, as visual styles only supported  desktop themes on windows 10, which had many limitations,

Now by a custom theme on windows 10 I mean entire customization where everything including start menu, the aesthetics of explorer, apps, animations everything, now this is only possible with a windows 10 custom theme, which allows us to modify every element in windows 10.

How to install a Windows 10  Custom theme

Now in Windows 10 by default we have lots of limitations of how we can customize and add a custom theme on windows 10, although now we can add dark-mode on windows 10 which is quite an upgrade from what we were able to do before, now in the latest update you can also turn the entire start menu white which is a good thing.

now moving on we can do this with various third-party apps which can help you install a windows 10 custom theme!

  • Installing WindowBlinds: Now WindowBlinds is a third-party software which we can download online from stardock’s site , as the latest builds of Windows 10 doesn’t support custom-themes we are installing WindowBlinds,  WIndows 10 custom theme
    Once you install WindowBlinds, Open the application, head to style; here you would find numerous inbuilt windows 10 custom themes, which change everything, here you can either use a pre-built theme which you liked in the list of windows 10 custom theme, by choosing the theme and clicking on ‘Apply Style to Dekstop’ or download windows 10 custom themes from deviant art. WIndows 10 custom theme
  • Customizing WindowBlinds:  WIndows 10 custom themeNow we might not be pleased with the inbuilt windows 10 custom themes on WindowBlinds, so we can modify the theme by changing icons, font and colors, as per your requirements, and in-case you are a lazy bum to do that, head to this is a third-party repository where you will find many windows 10 custom themes, to start off with, once you download you can head  to choosing the them in WindowBlinds and clicking on ‘Apply Style to Desktop’
  • Using UltraUXThemePatcher (freeware): (Note: Applications like UltraUXThemePatcher modifies system files, so be very careful with it)   UltraUXThemePatcher is a similar application like WindowBlinds but FREE application which allows us to install a windows 10 custom theme, but here we have wide set of features and maximum customization,
    Once you download and install UltraUXThemePatcher you can start customization, you can customize with different colors,styles and icons which you might like.
  • Themes for UltraUXThemePatcher: Windows 10 Custom themeIf you are wondering where to find windows 10 custom theme for UltraUXThemePatcher, head to Deviantart here you can find a wide range of themes from various authors who make it better and better everyday!
  • Adding a Windows 10 custom theme to Visual Styles: Now this is something to do with system files without installing a third-party theme application or software, here we are downloading windows 10 custom themes and placing it into visual styles,
  • Downloading a windows 10 custom theme:  Windows 10 Custom themewe can find tons of custom themes for windows 10 on deviantart, you can download theme by choosing whichever you like.
  • Using a Windows 10 custom theme on Visual Styles:  Now this is a bit tricky, here we have downloaded windows 10 custom themes, once you extract the zip file you will find a windows 10 custom theme file, and a theme folder, now we need to copy the folder to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes ,  because the windows 10 custom theme needs its resources, so once you copy the folder into the location,open the theme file in the folder, which will open up the visual styles.
  • Customizing the theme in Visual Styles: You can further customize the windows 10 custom theme by changing colors or fonts or even adapt the features from other themes already in the visual styles section.

Windows 10 & custom theme

Microsoft is trying to make things simpler, with the new user-interface, they are trying to remove the features inherited from windows 7 like the aero theme, visual styles and the good old control panel, although they won’t be removing any soon, once the user base gets used to the new interfaces of settings and desktop apps, Microsoft will remove them.

hope you found this guide to install a windows 10 custom theme helpful, do let us know if you face any issue while installing a windows 10 custom theme by commenting down below!

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How To enable Dark Mode/Theme on Windows 10



we all like the dark modes of all apps on our phones, we prefer it to be subtle if we are night users, but have you come across that Windows has a built-in feature to get a dark mode to literally everything? a dark theme for every application including explorer! we are here to know about how to enable this dark mode or dark theme on windows 10 so that we can use window 10 without too much brightness!


  • Windows 10’s inbuilt-feature basically enables us to get a dark mode to all the applications that we download from the windows store, it doesn’t affect other apps but we can help you get a dark mode for that as well.
  • To get the dark mode, go to settings by right clicking on your start menu or opening start menu and clicking on gear icon> Find Personalization > In that select Colors.
  • Here you will find a “Dark” option below “Choose your app mode” tab.
  • When we select this option, we can see that settings menu itself turns into dark mode with black background, all other system applications and applications that you have downloaded from the store will also turn dark, however few developers still haven’t given support to dark mode.
  • Many applications like File Explorer and Paint do have a dark mode.

Fix: Making other applications dark in windows 10

Some applications like File Explorer or Paint are dark by default by enabling dark mode in Windows 10, however there are some applications which do not change, so we tried different ways in which can make everything to run in dark mode!windows10darkmode

  • High contrast Mode:high contrast mode basically is for few visually challenged people, but we can surely enable it to make applications go black background, and enable us to get complete dark mode,we can do this by heading to settings>appearance and themes> and  pick high contrast mode,  this will turn all the desktop apps in windows 10 to be in dark mode.
  • Third party themers for windows 10: we can use third-party themers, in-order to obtain complete dark mode in windows 10 you can use third-party themers like Window Blinds, these themers apply dark mode to every application on windows 10, desktop apps as well. if you want custom themes on windows 10

Applying Dark Mode to Browsers in Windows 10

  • Chrome: dark-modealthough chrome doesn’t have a built-in dark mode,in chrome you can obtain a dark mode by installing a third-party theme on the chromestore, you can do this by heading over to, and install the dark theme as an extension, in no time you’d be able to get your chrome to be in dark mode.Also there are other chrome extensions which can turn every website you visit into dark mode!
  • Firefox:  firefox has an inbuilt dark mode which you can enable by just going into the settings of the browser and turning it on.
  • Microsoft Edge:  microsoft edge also has an inbuilt dark mode! you can also use the Windows 10 feature, but Edge has an inbuilt function which can be enabled by going into the settings.

Dark Mode in Microsoft Office in Windows 10

pic credit:softpedia

Microsoft Office is a popular suite of tools used by everyone, but have you ever wondered if microsoft office had a dark mode in windows 10 to work at night time? luckily we do! all you need to do is head to settings file>options> office theme and here choose black, this will turn everything into dark mode! in microsoft office, but you have to do this for every application for ex, Microsoft word or excel spreadsheet.

Dark mode everything in windows 10!

dark mode is a great vibe for night owls to work without glaring eyes, for long periods, some people don’t prefer this, but some of us do like dark mode in everything, it also makes things subtle. hope you liked the guide to turn everything into dark mode in windows 10 do comment if you have a query down below!

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