we all have to have backup of gmail messages on our hard drive or computer for reference or for any other purpose, so there are ways to download gmail messages, we are going to use a basic method to extract gmail messages to your computer easily, this is an inbuilt method or you can call it a feature from Google that not many of us know. we will be breaking this down into simple steps of how you can download all of your gmail messages data on to your hard disk or computer, in a compressed format

Steps to Download gmail messages to your computer

google as i mentioned earlier has this hidden feature tool that helps us in downloading your entire gmail data in a zip file. Although this tool isn’t found in gmail itself we gotta head to myaccount.google.com

  1. Go to myaccount.google.com and log in to your Google account
  2. Once you login you will see many tabs, in which you have to choose “Personal info & privacy” then head on to “control your content” 
  3.  Inside that you’ll find a section named “Download or transfer your content”  in which you’ll get an option called “download your data”
  4. after selecting that you can create archive of your entire gmail messages and download to your computer
  5. In the archive you get to choose what all data you want in the archive,pick the gmail data and you will have your  backup of gmail account on your computer.

here we can also use this method to export gmail to another account or either download vcard/contacts from all of your emails which is indeed very handy for us to work on, we get this data to export in either TGZ format or ZIP format as per your requirement, well this isn’t officially a gmail feature, but it is a Google feature where you have total backup of your entire data offline for your reference, which is a good thing.

How to export gmail emails to another gmail account

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