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Huawei mate 20 Pro Screen bleed Issue:Huawei’s [Response]



We have all come across screen-bleed issues, or screen problems which are most of the times not fixable, these screen issues have no proper reasons,some brands like Xiaomi call it Gradient, while Huawei has a whole new answer to it, recently many users complained about screen of Huawei Mate 20 Pro bleeding through the edges,showing an yellow discoloration on the screen, after many users started reporting the same screen bleed issue on their Huawei devices, after the buzz on social media and tech blogs, Huawei manager has this to say about the issue:

The Mate 20 Pro uses an industry-leading flexible OLED screen featuring special design curved edges for an enhanced visual experience and holding comfort. This may lead to slight discolouration when viewed from different angles.

In extremely dim lighting conditions, when the screen brightness is too low, or when using dark wallpapers, these differences can be exaggerated. If the colour cast affects your normal use, take your phone to an authorized Customer service Center for assistance.

if you are an end user facing the screen bleed issue, you may not like this response, but you must note that this isn’t an official statement from Huawei, although we don’t have any official release of what the issue is or how it will be resolved, we will be updating once we know the solution, until then stay tuned 🙂


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Best Fortnite Settings for Better FPS,Performance



Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most played battle royale games by teenagers at the moment, more people are joining this game every day, while the game offers a fast paced experience where there are too many things to do at once, it does become choppy when you are playing it on a mediocre system with low configurations, or despite having good configurations, you might not have the same gaming experience as streamers like Ninja, DrLupo or Dakotaz do,
So we are here to get you the best Fortnite settings for PC and in-game settings to improve your performance ,FPS and overall gameplay, we are gonna refer to  ninja settings

After analysing many pro players we felt ninja’s was the best fortnite settings for PC, before we head on to look into best fortnite settings let us see the minimum requirements and recommended PC specifications
Fortnite System Requirements- Minimum and required
After going through the documentations and testing it ourselves, we compiled a list of minimum requirements, recommended configurations for the best Fortnite settings to work:

Component Minimum Recommended
CPU Core i3 2.4 GHz Core i5 2.8 GHz
Graphics Intel HD 4000 Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU
OS Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OSX Sierra Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Storage 15GB 20GB

Best Fortnite Settings for PC: max performance good FPS

  •  disable startup apps: we all have shit ton of startup apps, which slow down our PC, and have a bad gaming experience, so we can change this by going to Task manager, and click on tab called startup, in which startup impact column would have many apps, disable unwanted apps and restart your pc
  • laptop power optimization: if you are gaming on your laptop, make sure you have your power cord plugged in and also go to power plane and set it to high performance mode, so that your PC isn’t saving memory for battery and slowing down the pc.
  • Optimize Nvidea or any graphic card: whichever graphic card you are running make sure you have allowed fortnite in the 3D settings of graphic card configuration and set it to max for best fortnite settings.

Best Fortnite Settings for PC: In-game

So after asking the pro gamers and googling around, we found best fortnite settings in game for improved performance,FPS and gameplay. Note that if you have a gaming rig with good specifications you can run almost all settings as HIGH and still be able to have a great gaming experience without any frame drops or choppy gameplay. Now our aim here is to get good FPS without drops, which means that with all that continous action, you shouldn’t experience any lags or glitches in crucial moments of fortnite.
Let’s run through the series of best settings for fortnite down below, you might know already that the lower the graphics, the higher performance you get, but some sttings are crucial which when set high give you the best settings for fortnite gaming experience.

  1.  Windows mode: make sure you always play in fullscreen mode, this makes it easy for the PC to understand that fortnite should be number one priority while allocating resources, playing in full screen will make sure Fortnite runs with the adequate amount of RAM and GPU usage.
  2. Display resolution: This mainly depends on the resolution of your monitor, you can check this by going into properties of my PC, make sure the game is in full screen once you choose the resolution
  3. Frame rate limit: this is where it gets tricky, if you don’t have an idea about frame rate, let it be in default or incase you want the best settings for fortnite, if you have a powerful monitor with good refresh rate, set it to unlimited.
  4. 3D resoultion: Set it to 100%, never change it if you prefer a lower resolution change the display resolution rather.
  5. View Distance: Now this depends on how you play,the better the view distance, the better you can see enemies far away. we recommend far, if you have a PC with lower configuration best fortnite settings is to go with lower settings
  6. Shadows: I clearly see no point of this or any advantage, so better turn it off so that other stuff renders sooner instead of shadows.
  7. Anti-aliasing: same as shadows, theres no point so turn this off to have better performance.
  8. effects: turn this to low, as this is kinda personal preference.
  9. Post processing: turn this to low as well as there is literally no use in the gameplay.
  10. Vsync: Turn Vsync off, this typically tries to sync with the monitor refresh rate giving us a lag because monitor won’t display frames before the whole frame is processed
  11. motion blur: again upto you if you want to remove all kind of blurriness and motion blur and want sharp game-play turn this off

Best Fortnite settings:conclusion

Hope you found this tutorial on how to have the best fortnite settings,helpful. I am sure by the end of this tutorial you will have a smooth,lag-free game play with maximum performance with whatever config you have, comment below if you have any doubts or tips to help boost performance of fortnite gameplay

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Download Website For Offline Viewing in Chrome



download websites for offline viewing

We all might have come across some sites which we might need for reference,then we can download the website for offline viewing in chrome, which will enable us to view the site even when PC not connected to the internet, also this is helpful when we want to open the site and view content instantly, instead of serving from the remote server, we can view the saved version of the same site and view the content offline in chrome.

Here we will be discussing about how you can download website for offline viewing in Chrome, some cases where we need the sites for reference or to consume the content offline, note that this process will get every content/element in a site or page which you choose to download for offline viewing, this will be saved wherever you intend to save the file.

Why Download Website For Offline Viewing in Chrome?

The reason why we would probably download website for offline viewing in Chrome would be to consume the content, mostly text because this process might not work for scripts, flash or video as this will only download text and images, this process can be used to download any small or huge site to use a reference, note that only a copy of the website will be downloaded, which may or may not have all the functionalities that the original online site had, as it might be serving scripts from an external source, that won’t function online, whatever text,image or script on site at that point of time would be downloaded as a copy in chrome for offline viewing.


Download Website For Offline Viewing in Chrome

With below given simple steps you would be able to Download Website For Offline Viewing in Chrome instantly for various purposes, note that this is only for reference purposes, the original content belongs to the creator this tutorial of downloading website for offline viewing in chrome is only meant for reference and nothing else.

So here are the steps required to Download Website For Offline Viewing in Chrome:

  1. Go to the desired site to download website for offline viewing in Chrome
  2. Tap on the three dots in upper right corner of the chrome.
  3. In the drop down hover over more tools to get another dropdown
  4. in more tools> choose ‘Save webpage as’ option and select the destination in which the website is to be downloaded for offline viewing in chrome.
  5. Now go to the destination and open the html file when offline to view the content which you downloaded.
  6. This can also be done with a shortcut ‘ctrl+s’.

How to Create Webpages as a Shortcut

Basically we want things to be organized and clutter free, so by creating a shortcut of a webpage that you visit very often, you can save some time as well as the work of typing in the url, you can achieve this rather  than downloading Website For Offline Viewing in Chrome, if you have good internet but lazy to go to the same site, this saves some time and effort.

The steps are almost similar for creating shortcut and to Download Website For Offline Viewing in Chrome

here are steps to create shortcut of websites or webpages:

  • Open the site of which you want to create a shortcut of.
  • tap on three dots on top-right corner of chrome.
  • on clicking hover on the drop down for ‘more tools’
  • in the sub drop down, choose ‘create shortcut’
  • Type in the name of site of your shorthand.
  • click on ‘create’ and save it in desired location or desktop.


Saving Websites on Chrome:Conclusion

Hope you found this tutorial helpful, the main intention was to Download Website For Offline Viewing in Chrome, which is accomplished in few easy steps , do let us know if you have any query or suggestion

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Top 10:List of Best Free Resume Builder Sites Online



best free resume builder site

Have you ever thought of building yourself a resume? but always thought it was a tough job to be done, worry not, we bring you the list of best online resume builder sites, where you can build your entire resume online without paying for it! we are listing down the best free resume builder sites to look up-to while building a resume to yourself.

Why an online resume builder?

Things might look simple, but building a resume requires you to know completely how a resume is built and what all is required to make it look professional, so using an online resume builder would get you a professional resume for free and also would have less or no efforts of yours required for building your resume online, as everything is already pre-made for you!

List of Best resume builder sites

we have compiled a list of best resume builder sites comprising of wide range of features,templates, specific functionalities,pros and cons, choose the one that fits your needs.

  1. Standard Resumebest free resume builder site 
    Standard Resume has a minimalist approach to the being the best free resume builder site, a very simple web-based resume editor, you can get the things done in a jiffy, you can open the resume builder on smartphone or desktop, when you download your resume it is in PDF already which saves the hassle of making it print ready. Minimalism makes it a simple tool to handle,without much efforts we would be able to build resume online and download it for free!
    pros: easy-to-use, time-saving
    cons:no prebuilt templates
  2. Enhancv
    enchancv is a web-based free resume builder, with all the required basic functionalities, enchancv is a good free resume builder site which enables you to enter your details, strengths and strong points to build your resume online, with pop-up tips and examples, it is easy to build your resume online!
    pros: simple-design, refreshing look
    cons: less templates
  3. Ineedaresumebest free resume builder site
    if you are looking to build a traditional resume, the boring ones like you see in every other interview, this is the right site for best free resume builder online, not only that, this site consists of wide range of templates and examples to consider and frame your resume into a professional and well built one online!
    pros: seamless,simple
    cons: no fancy graphics
  4. Resume Maker by Canvabest free resume builder site
    you must already know about canva by now! if not canva is a popular online platform used to create designs with simple drag and drop methods, they have a minimalistic approach to everything! here we need the best resume builder online, so canva has this section where you can build your resume choosing from a wide range of templates with professional design.
    pros: modern,easy to build, drag and drop, fonts
    cons: have to pay for some templates
  5. Resume Builder by Qwilrbest free resume builder site
    resume builder by qwilr is a simple web-app which enables you to design your resume online by entering simple details, it automatically builds a elegant resume, you can choose from a wide range of templates, this is more of a quick method to build your resume, this resume builder only takes few minutes to build your entire resume!
    pros: quick, wide range of templates
    cons: not fancy enough 😛
  6. Resume Samples by VisualCV
    VisualCv offers you to build the best free resume online, although kinda old-school it does provide a versatile platform, the best part of VisualCv resume builder is that it is well organized in templates, which also accepts multimedia uploads.
    pros: clutter-free,wide range of templates
    cons: free only for basic features
  7. SlashCVbest free resume builder site
    slashCV is one of the best free resume builder sites with wide range of free templates, the best part of SlashCv is that it enables you to fill in all the details and builds it itself, saves the time and hassle, once you choose the templates from the list of 28 templates you have a well built resume!
    pros: minimal,free
    cons: no multimedia support
  8. Cvmaker
    cv maker is a great resume builder with all the basic features and functionality of a best free resume builder! coming with good user-interface it has few good templates from which you can build resumes that can shine your talents! All you need to do is fill in the details choose the template you like and its done, you can add more sections to include more information which is a good thing!
    pros: simple
    cons: less free templates
  9. Resume Bakingbest free resume builder site
    Resume baking is one-of-kind best free resume builder site online! coming with its own free cover letter builder in the site, we have a wide range of features including drag and drop, and importing information from Social Media Sites like facebook and LinkedIn, there is a wide range of templates, and huge functionality making it one of the best free resume builder site online.
    pros:wide range of templates
    cons: custom editor
  10. Resume.combest free resume builder site
    it is one of the simplest or easiest resume builder in the list of best free resume builder sites, comprises of free templates to choose from, all you have to do is fill up the details in the boxes and choose a template from wide range of templates and you have your resume ready, to download in PDF format, the best part of this site is that it has a dashboard to edit and create as many as resumes you want to in a go, so it is very convenient in case you are helping your friends out or if you are building resumes in bulk.
    pros: many free templates,dashboard
    cons:no multimedia support

Best resume builder sites online: conclusion

resume is metaphorically the key to a successful job application, apart from your skills,degree the most important thing to build is a resume, once you have a great resume and a good cover letter, you will definitely be able to define yourself and be confident about your skills to apply for a job and attend the interview, we hope this list of best resume builder sites helped you out,do let us know if you know any good resume builder sites to add to this list 🙂

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