Top 10 Best Games You Can Play On Chromebook

Bought a chromebook recently eh? No doubt chromebooks are great devices for snappy experience on Chrome OS, but not so good of a gaming device as most games are built for Windows OS, coming at an affordable rate Chromebooks do provide a great experience despite running on Chrome OS, its not as bad as you think it is!

Although Chromebooks support certain Android games to be run, we do starve for more, we have listed top 10 games  you can play on your Chromebook:

      1. Fallout Shelter:

        Lots of Chromebooks support high graphic android, and give you lag free gaming experience,so we decided to start off with something well-known which is Fallout Shelter,the wacky spin-off of the Fallout game which makes you build and manage a nuclear bunker in the game. It comes with great visuals, and addictive gameplay

      2. Agar.iO

        One of the minimalistic games that I personally like and enjoy is, starting in as a browser game, this made massive buzz amongst popular gaming youtubers making it a popular game to play

      3. Super Hexagon:

        Truth to be told a trippy game with spinning bars,neon colors,fractal shape,where you are this little arrow moving to beat and stay alive in an ever shifting landscape of neon colors. It’s quick and addictive, over all it is really good and minimalistic,wondering where to download? this runs on your chromebook browser! yep at humblebundle they did it

      4. Quake

        Remember this? If not don’t worry its just a blast from the past, Quake is one of the first 3D first Person Shooter games ever c reated, how nostalgic. So a nostalgic fan recreated the game just for your Chromebook!this also comes with a crazy multiplayer mode!

      5. KingsRoad

        Any DOTA 2 fans out there? got a Chromebook recently? Any Age Of Empire fans? because this is a game y’all would enjoy playing,A multiplater game where you loot,kill,level up?

      6. Duelyst

        Love card games? this is the pick, well there is a strange or not so strange trend of digital card games, and to be honest duelyst is a magical one,running smoothly on Chrome OS, it has minions,spells artefacts and generals, it is indeed Hearthstone alternative after all!

      7. Spelunky

        A fun game for your chromebook, it is based on the 2008 version of the game, where a mineshaft crawler deals with crazy stuff inside the cave while looking for treasure, over all it is an addictive game for Chrome OS

      8. Gunslugs 2

        A wacky-addictive 2D shooter game for your Chromebok, it is a shooter game casting you as ripoffs of heroes,shooting and blasting through bad guys!

      9. Dominus

        Clash of Clans fans? So I heard you got a Chromebook? Dominus is a complex version of Online strategy game on Chrome OS, worry not it just looks cool and complex, in real it is just another addictive game to pass time when you’re on your Chromebook.

      10. Visual Boy Advance Chromebook

        Yes you guessed it right, an emulator to run great games such as pokemon ruby, metroid Fusion etc, it runs smooth on all chromebooks, is indeed a live saver for emulator gamers!

Wrapping Up

Well Chromebooks are built for light works, like editing,typing but not like they’re not powerful enough to run applications and games smoothly, Chrome OS certainly has limitations, but its worth the bargain for smooth experience!


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