Best Free Music Apps for iPhone:Offline without Internet/Wifi

List of Top 10 Music player apps for iPhone that allow you to play music without internet or wifi

We all have a busy daily life,in which we have a dire need of music, music makes everything so better, it might be to sooth your mood up on spotify, or listen to loud emo music on youtube, we all have different tastes, and requirements of music players on our phones, when it comes to iPhone, things get complicated! Apple as we all know has few limitations of its own to maintain the quality of applications on the app store it doesn’t approve random developers to upload apps that can cater iOS users, so we have fewer options while choosing an app on an iPhone, on the brighter side of things,Apple aims to avoid music piracy or illegal downloaded music, by not allowing users to play Mp3s off of a random music player like we do on Android Phones.

So we compiled a list of music apps, which can be used to listen all of your favorite songs offline seamlessly on your iPhone:

Best Music Apps For iPhone to run without Internet

    1. 8 Tracks Radio

      8tracks Radio caters thousands of handcrafted playlists with your favorite melodies in high quality.It delivers music for every taste,mood and genre, just feed in what kind of music you want to listen on daily basis, it automatically sorts relevant playlists just for you to listen on your iPhone. However luckily free version of this app does include all features,including creating and sharing playlists. Two cons that i had was one:it is only for USA, for some reason 8tracks changed their policies being available only to US audience and the ads, but 8tracks plus is pretty decent and bang for the buck for what it does, it comes at US$4.99/month or $29.99 per year which has add-on features like illustrating playlists with GiF and much more

    2. Spotify

      spotifiy is popularly known music streaming app which has top notch music quality, and vast features to choose from before heading towards Pros and Cons, what we need to understand is spotify is a Freemium app, that is, it enables free users to stream seamlessly in spotify with certain limitations that only pro users or paid users can avail, considering the availability of songs, and the way they are being sorted here is what drags me into Spotify,the Premium model comes in at 10$ which is a pretty good investment if you are looking for quality music.

    3. Amazon Prime Music

      Although its a new entry to the music streaming world,Prime music enables you to seamlessly stream or download music onto your iPhones, enabling you to enjoy your music without any hassle,apart from the fact that its a good music player app for iPhone, Prime membership in Amazon is surely bang for buck, when you consider the video, the music and the prime benefits while shopping online,I would say Prime membership is one of the best deals you can find in this list of best music player apps for your iPhone.

    4. SoundCloud

      This is a one of its kind platform for all music artists, you can say its a social network for musicians, what I personally like about this app is that, it enables anyone and everyone to upload their independent music or covers or whatever they want to share with the world, here you get to listen hours of raw uncluttered music, Soundcloud app on Iphone has its one-of-a-kind experience for everyone, overall it is a good free music app for your iPhone

    5. Google Play Music

      As funny as it sounds, Yes Google Play Music on an iPhone can actually be a great music player, at first it might be little weird to see Google developing iOS app, but to be fair on the list Google Play Music actually is a good Music player with vast sorted libraries, easy navigation and minimalistic and materialistic design which I personally love the most

    6. Saavn Music and Radio

      You might have heard of this, or maybe this is your first time but gotta admit Saavn is been there for quite sometime, competing with music streaming apps like Spotify, is popular among Indian users, the app also follows a similar Freemiuim model where you get some features only if you pay, otherwise it is still a pretty decent music player app for iOS.

    7. Tidal

      Not so popular app on Appstore, but yet one of the most sharp music players, which i found enabling you to download music playlists, seamlessly on your iPhones, where you can play music without internet, TIDAL comes with powerpacked features like auto-sorted albums,dark-mode and equalizer. Apart from the fact that it is a free app on iOS platform, its only con is that it is not available in all regions

    8. Pandora

      Pandora is a clutter free music/radio app which enables you to stream or download music on your iPhone seamlessly,Pandora has its unique algorithm which sorts music into playlists of your liking,which makes it special,with all the hype around Pandora is a great app to stream music with on your iPhone

    9. Slacker Radio

      Slacker radio is one of its kind, curated music player app, which has curated music just for you from across the globe, be whatever genre you like, slacker radio brings you all sorts of music that you like to your iPhone in a second,the user-interface of slacker radio on iPhone is promising and the clutter-free experience just adds to the bliss of the app.

    10. Jio Music

      May not be popular in other regions, but for Indians, Jio music has a special place in their hearts 😉 xP apart from the fact that initially Jio users were compelled to install all these apps,.Jio Music has indeed evolved into a great music player app on iPhone, the curated playlists, clean UI plus unlimited downloads, completely free of cost! What more do we need but free downloadable music on iPhone, hope they improve more and add more features to this app.

Hope you liked this list of best music player apps for iPhones, for more content do stay tuned to

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