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Best Fortnite Settings for Better FPS,Performance



Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most played battle royale games by teenagers at the moment, more people are joining this game every day, while the game offers a fast paced experience where there are too many things to do at once, it does become choppy when you are playing it on a mediocre system with low configurations, or despite having good configurations, you might not have the same gaming experience as streamers like Ninja, DrLupo or Dakotaz do,
So we are here to get you the best Fortnite settings for PC and in-game settings to improve your performance ,FPS and overall gameplay, we are gonna refer to  ninja settings

After analysing many pro players we felt ninja’s was the best fortnite settings for PC, before we head on to look into best fortnite settings let us see the minimum requirements and recommended PC specifications
Fortnite System Requirements- Minimum and required
After going through the documentations and testing it ourselves, we compiled a list of minimum requirements, recommended configurations for the best Fortnite settings to work:

Component Minimum Recommended
CPU Core i3 2.4 GHz Core i5 2.8 GHz
Graphics Intel HD 4000 Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU
OS Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OSX Sierra Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Storage 15GB 20GB

Best Fortnite Settings for PC: max performance good FPS

  •  disable startup apps: we all have shit ton of startup apps, which slow down our PC, and have a bad gaming experience, so we can change this by going to Task manager, and click on tab called startup, in which startup impact column would have many apps, disable unwanted apps and restart your pc
  • laptop power optimization: if you are gaming on your laptop, make sure you have your power cord plugged in and also go to power plane and set it to high performance mode, so that your PC isn’t saving memory for battery and slowing down the pc.
  • Optimize Nvidea or any graphic card: whichever graphic card you are running make sure you have allowed fortnite in the 3D settings of graphic card configuration and set it to max for best fortnite settings.

Best Fortnite Settings for PC: In-game

So after asking the pro gamers and googling around, we found best fortnite settings in game for improved performance,FPS and gameplay. Note that if you have a gaming rig with good specifications you can run almost all settings as HIGH and still be able to have a great gaming experience without any frame drops or choppy gameplay. Now our aim here is to get good FPS without drops, which means that with all that continous action, you shouldn’t experience any lags or glitches in crucial moments of fortnite.
Let’s run through the series of best settings for fortnite down below, you might know already that the lower the graphics, the higher performance you get, but some sttings are crucial which when set high give you the best settings for fortnite gaming experience.

  1.  Windows mode: make sure you always play in fullscreen mode, this makes it easy for the PC to understand that fortnite should be number one priority while allocating resources, playing in full screen will make sure Fortnite runs with the adequate amount of RAM and GPU usage.
  2. Display resolution: This mainly depends on the resolution of your monitor, you can check this by going into properties of my PC, make sure the game is in full screen once you choose the resolution
  3. Frame rate limit: this is where it gets tricky, if you don’t have an idea about frame rate, let it be in default or incase you want the best settings for fortnite, if you have a powerful monitor with good refresh rate, set it to unlimited.
  4. 3D resoultion: Set it to 100%, never change it if you prefer a lower resolution change the display resolution rather.
  5. View Distance: Now this depends on how you play,the better the view distance, the better you can see enemies far away. we recommend far, if you have a PC with lower configuration best fortnite settings is to go with lower settings
  6. Shadows: I clearly see no point of this or any advantage, so better turn it off so that other stuff renders sooner instead of shadows.
  7. Anti-aliasing: same as shadows, theres no point so turn this off to have better performance.
  8. effects: turn this to low, as this is kinda personal preference.
  9. Post processing: turn this to low as well as there is literally no use in the gameplay.
  10. Vsync: Turn Vsync off, this typically tries to sync with the monitor refresh rate giving us a lag because monitor won’t display frames before the whole frame is processed
  11. motion blur: again upto you if you want to remove all kind of blurriness and motion blur and want sharp game-play turn this off

Best Fortnite settings:conclusion

Hope you found this tutorial on how to have the best fortnite settings,helpful. I am sure by the end of this tutorial you will have a smooth,lag-free game play with maximum performance with whatever config you have, comment below if you have any doubts or tips to help boost performance of fortnite gameplay

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Top 10 Games Like Summertime Saga : Best Games to Play Alone



games like summertime saga

Games like Summertime Saga? 😉 you are in the right place! we have compiled the list of games like Summertime Saga Down below!
Summertime Saga is obviously one of the best and hottest dating games you can play alone, with the nasty game-play, Summertime Saga is one game to play when alone! But have you ever been bored of Summertime Saga and want to try out other games like Summertime Saga? you asked! we gave! there are many games like Summertime Saga online, but we have compiled the list of best games like Summertime saga available to play!

Top 10 Games Like Summertime Saga:

Now before we head to the list of best games like Summertime Saga, we need to know that these games are purely meant for adults,which means that if you’re above 18 years you’re good to go! Although some of the games like Summertime Saga listed below are okay in terms of content,its better to ask your parents once before playing 😉
  • LadyKiller In A Bindgames likes Summertime Saga LadyKiller In a Bind is a good alternative to summertime saga, although its more of the girly stuff included in the game, Ladykiller In a bind is basically of lesbian dating genre, if you’re into that kind of game, although I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best ever, but considering the story-line for this game, it indeed is surprisingly the best game in this list of dating games like Summertime Saga, I would say this game has everything you are looking for 😉 jokes apart, LadyKiller In A Bind, is one of its kind game, and a decent one to start off with!
  • Snow Daze:The Music Of Winter games like Summertime SagaSnow Daze is a popular game, well known in anime community the story is based out of an anime,basically story-line takes you to a home where you are stuck with your dominated family (you know where this is going 😀 ) due to snowfall, now say there’s a device which gets you the control all the members of the family allowing you to do whatever you want them to 😉 , apart from this unique story-line it also has great graphics and game play, making it one of the must-try games in the list of best games like Summertime Saga.The exciting plot twist is that this game has five different endings which is purely based upon your choices.
  • Lab Ratsgames like summertime sagaLab Rats, although not entirely similar to other games mentioned in this list of best games like Summertime Saga, it does serve up-to the expectation, basically if you are a science fan or into chemistry or chemical romance(any MCR fans? xD) this game is for you! here you have to get all problems right,equations and solutions are put to test! also coming to the interesting part of the game which most of you might be interested in is you can get laid with every character xD now that’s crazy right? well apart from these parts, overall story-line is great, you have a glitch-free experience!
  • Crusoe Had it Easy   : games like summertime SagaTaking about games like Summertime Saga, the plot of this game from Mapledrop is almost similar to Summertime Saga, but better, in a way but better as this has n number of different endings you can end up in depending on your choices, In this game you are stuck on an island with your cousin, so imagine of the situation,Crusoe Had it Easy makes  it easy for you and gives you the similar game play to that of Summertime Saga, but i would suggest this game if you did like the story-line and not other stuff ;), apart from that it’s indeed a great game to play alone!
  • Dreaming of Danagames like summertime sagaDreaming of Dana is one of those formal plotted games in this list of best games like Summertime Saga, here we have our rich brat, who’s dad owns a huge multimillionaire business, who has made up his mind to join his dad’s inheritance,suddenly comes across a girl,Dana your sister, how would you impress her into something? story-line is weird but game play is good, one interesting thing about this game is you have different mini games about office and work, in all we have a complete package of entertainment and glitch-free game play which makes dreaming of Dana a great game to play.
  • Life Is Good:games like Summertime Saga Life is Good is a psychic game making it a unique one in this list of games like Summertime Saga, basically this comes down to gaining control of another person,which means you would be able to control mind, or something like in sleep, it is puzzling but has a creative and compelling story-line, the basic plot in this game is to find the fastest way to get laid and get everything done with your family members, which is awkward in a way but still does make it one-of-its-kind crazy shit game to play when you are alone
  • Coming out on Top  This is either made for girls or guys from LGBT community because this game is all bout masculine plot, Coming Out On Top, is probably an unique game over all,for the plot, it starts with a guy named Mark Mathews, who comes out of closet starts searching for guys, well you get the picture, overall it has a decent story-line and smooth game play, it is a decent enough game to play online, which makes it to the list of games like Summertime Saga.
  • Amber’s Magic Shop :When we see the term ‘magic’ in the title we imagine the dreary witch crafting, harry potter? well kinda, it is a game where you are an elf and an alchemist (weird flex but okay!) is sent to city of Islia, to finish the training as a mage,this game takes turns, where you play a role of a Bi, which means that you love to sleep with women and men, this is weird but if you are the weird one,this is the best game like Summertime Saga, if you’re into a bit of seduction, if you love both ends of a string, its a marvelous game to start off with.
  • Harem Party Party? name it, Harem party is a crazy fun game like Summertime Saga, which mainly focuses on fun part of the parties! the story-line goes through a gamer kid named Moruji Haru, who is playing this wacky role-playing game(just like you mate xD ) but here the game characters come to reality in the game, and you ought to keep interacting with them, and by interacting you know what I mean? while this is a great party game to play, it does have good graphics and great game play making it a fun game to play while you are alone
  • Sisterly Lust games like Summertimesaga Sisterly lust is a bit cringey, but if you have weird incest fetish this game is just made for you! although it is weird at first, it is a story in which father has lost a case so you had to stay away from sister and mother, but your dad is sick of you, so your mom decides to take you back to them, so there you have attractive sisters, what do you do? will you stay put or blow everything up? up-to, this game isn’t for everyone but still its one of the games like Summertime Saga so we included it in this list of best games like Summertime Saga

Games like Summertime Saga

well all the games listed above are probably outrageous and outlandish, but some people like weird stuff, so we thought to include the games like Summertime Saga, hope you got the games you wanted, do share the post with friends and let us know if you know any game similar!

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The Sims 5: Release date,Rumors,News,Downloads



Who doesn’t know this classic game? SIMS! EA and Maxis released the first sims game: ‘The sims’ in 2000, fandom increased rapidly, and was known to create open ended simulation of daily life, allowing Gamers to create their own virtual life, with own virtual character,sims was a revolution in gaming industry,as users had huge expectations towards the launch of the Sims5 no one expected that they would announce it this soon, as there are more franchises for EA to release.

In the emerging world of Battle Royales, games like PUBG or Fortnite stole the show, while there isn’t been a competitor for the EA’s own classic Sims,Grant Rodiek speculated that if Sims 4 goes down the road, Sims 5 isn’t gonna come back, but guess what? we have the good news!

When?Where?:Sims 5 release dates,rumors,sims5-release date

It’s been 4 years since ‘The sims 4’ was released, and by the rumors and speculations made by what Rodiek and Maxis said,Sims 4 was a great success, with lesser buzz around, we digged deep in! EA forums, Sims official mods, we only had updates about The sims 4 and it’s additional packs, we found an answer by a gamer, which was later approved as solution in EA forum, which said

“sims 4 is gonna last longer than 2,3” “if there is sims 5 it’s not gonna be soon”

this was posted by a gamer, so i wouldn’t bet on this, so we looked out wider, and the good news is there is gonna be Sims 5 pretty soon!


Speculation about dates of release:sims 5


There are massive rumors, youtube videos about Sims 5 trailer,teaser, game play, but there isn’t actually a real leak as in when the sims 5 is gonna be released, all these videos and gameplays aren’t real, as far as Sims 4 Gamers are concerned, they are still into Sims 4 and with all the add on packs releasing, Few are just curious about what else EA has to offer the existing fans for the classic game! we looked deep into  reddit community

we found out that ‘Sim Gurus’ or pro players of the game are hardly bothered about the sims 5, while the curious crowd has few speculations and few strong sources of news about Sims 5, while there is an entire sub Reddit made for the sims5 r/sims5 

Prediction of Sims Gurus

Pro-players often predict the right time, this time one of them speculated that it is going to be released in 2019, with the record of the release of previous games which all had 4-5 year gap in between each release, seems accurate and we can actually bet on it,

  • the sims was released in 2000,
  • the sims2 in 2004(exactly after four years)
  • the sims 3 in 2009 (after 5 years)
  • the sims 4 in 2014(again 5 years gap)
  • the sims 5 in 2019?

Although all these are just speculations, we need to think through the development process, with the increase in buzz to VR and AR game plays, what if EA and Maxis are working for something very big?who knows? but the problem we find here is, the previous releases of game still has many things to fix and moreover they are updating different additional packs for all of them.

What to expect?: The sims 5:

Infinite world to explore? VR based game? there are rumors of HTC VIVE PSVR coming along with EA to create games specifically for VR, but with our sources, we are sure, PC gamers aren’t ditched here, but the good news for console gamers is, Sims 5 will be for Playstation as well as XBOX, by other sources we also found out that Microsoft is planning to add keyboard to the XBOX, nothing official yet 😉 but i can imagine a hell lot of Sims players who have an XBOX lying at home happy!

The sims 5 release: Which quarter?

As we have seen over the years EA has a tradition of keeping the year gaps accurate for releases, unlike other companies EA likes to bring everything to life in an extravagant way, so by the gaps over the years on sims the first till the sims 4 it has been 4-5 years, so it will be released in 2019!

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