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Best Word Generator From Letters Online:Generate Random Words



word generator from letters

We all must have come across a tough situation in finding words like words with friends or scrabble? worry not! we have a cheat-list of sites which have the best word generator from letters where we can generate random words online easily within few clicks!

Morally I wouldn’t cheat at words with friends or  scrabble  because these games bring people together, the-classics, before we had Google or Internet, these games connected people, made friendships stronger! so think again 😉

Or you’re here looking for a word generator or an anagram for other literary purposes, you are in the right place 🙂 we have listed down the best word generator from letters down below at your disposal!

Best Word Generator From Letters Online

  •  word generator from is a basic site for those looking to generate words from letters randomly, for any purposes like scrabble,words with friends, or even word chums!, word grabber has a decent design to start-0ff with, it has various word generators including: Scrabble word finder, words with friends,anagram solver. What is admirable is that it also tells you how many points you can score in scrabble as well! [button href=”” type=”btn-default” size=”btn-md”]Generate Words[/button]
  •  Scrabble Word Finder :word generator from letters Simple, easy and fast Scrabble solver site! as the tagline reads Scrabble Word Finder is a simple site to generate words from letters, Scrabble word finder isn’t really an anagram solver, it’s just another simplistic word generator which shuffles your letters and forms words that you want for a game of scrabble or maybe a rap that you’re writing? the one good thing about this word generator is that it sorts words with number of letters being used. [button href=”” type=”btn-default” size=”btn-md”]Generate Words[/button]
  • Word Solver: turn letters into words! a sketchy site to be honest, but does the job, Word Solver is a great site for generating words from letters, despite the huge logo, and sketchy user-interface, Word Solver does the job if you want an anagram solver or a scrabble cheat, or perhaps generate words from letters for no good reason, one thing that is admirable is it allows you to switch between Anagram solver,word ladder or crossword modes.[button href=”” type=”btn-default” size=”btn-lg”]Word Solver[/button]
  • Word Find: word finder, word find is a simple enough site to generate words from letters, we all come to a stage where we want to get the job done in a snap, word find is an easy site to get your job done, generate words in no time, once we enter the letters from which the word is to be formed, we get words sorted with number of letters used, one thing that is admirable is that once you click on the word you want to use it gives you meaning of the word which is rare in this list of sites to generate words with letters! [button href=”” type=”btn-default” size=”btn-lg”]Word Find[/button]
  • WordChumsCheat: This is a wildcard, I would say, but it does get you what you want! It lets you generate words from letters up-to 12 letters, and also tells you how many points that you are gonna get for the word, although this doesn’t sort the words down separately like others this gets you a descending list of generated words from letters! this comes from developers who built[button href=”” type=”btn-default” size=”btn-md”]Generate Words[/button]

Generate words from letters?

when it comes to an anagram, it just basically uses the given letters to form a word from the dictionary, the above listed word generators help us generate words from letters, this list might be helpful for crosswords,scrabbles,words with friends! If you found this list helpful do share it with friends! and if you have a query comment down below!

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Top 10 Games Like Summertime Saga : Best Games to Play Alone



games like summertime saga

Games like Summertime Saga? 😉 you are in the right place! we have compiled the list of games like Summertime Saga Down below!
Summertime Saga is obviously one of the best and hottest dating games you can play alone, with the nasty game-play, Summertime Saga is one game to play when alone! But have you ever been bored of Summertime Saga and want to try out other games like Summertime Saga? you asked! we gave! there are many games like Summertime Saga online, but we have compiled the list of best games like Summertime saga available to play!

Top 10 Games Like Summertime Saga:

Now before we head to the list of best games like Summertime Saga, we need to know that these games are purely meant for adults,which means that if you’re above 18 years you’re good to go! Although some of the games like Summertime Saga listed below are okay in terms of content,its better to ask your parents once before playing 😉
  • LadyKiller In A Bindgames likes Summertime Saga LadyKiller In a Bind is a good alternative to summertime saga, although its more of the girly stuff included in the game, Ladykiller In a bind is basically of lesbian dating genre, if you’re into that kind of game, although I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best ever, but considering the story-line for this game, it indeed is surprisingly the best game in this list of dating games like Summertime Saga, I would say this game has everything you are looking for 😉 jokes apart, LadyKiller In A Bind, is one of its kind game, and a decent one to start off with!
  • Snow Daze:The Music Of Winter games like Summertime SagaSnow Daze is a popular game, well known in anime community the story is based out of an anime,basically story-line takes you to a home where you are stuck with your dominated family (you know where this is going 😀 ) due to snowfall, now say there’s a device which gets you the control all the members of the family allowing you to do whatever you want them to 😉 , apart from this unique story-line it also has great graphics and game play, making it one of the must-try games in the list of best games like Summertime Saga.The exciting plot twist is that this game has five different endings which is purely based upon your choices.
  • Lab Ratsgames like summertime sagaLab Rats, although not entirely similar to other games mentioned in this list of best games like Summertime Saga, it does serve up-to the expectation, basically if you are a science fan or into chemistry or chemical romance(any MCR fans? xD) this game is for you! here you have to get all problems right,equations and solutions are put to test! also coming to the interesting part of the game which most of you might be interested in is you can get laid with every character xD now that’s crazy right? well apart from these parts, overall story-line is great, you have a glitch-free experience!
  • Crusoe Had it Easy   : games like summertime SagaTaking about games like Summertime Saga, the plot of this game from Mapledrop is almost similar to Summertime Saga, but better, in a way but better as this has n number of different endings you can end up in depending on your choices, In this game you are stuck on an island with your cousin, so imagine of the situation,Crusoe Had it Easy makes  it easy for you and gives you the similar game play to that of Summertime Saga, but i would suggest this game if you did like the story-line and not other stuff ;), apart from that it’s indeed a great game to play alone!
  • Dreaming of Danagames like summertime sagaDreaming of Dana is one of those formal plotted games in this list of best games like Summertime Saga, here we have our rich brat, who’s dad owns a huge multimillionaire business, who has made up his mind to join his dad’s inheritance,suddenly comes across a girl,Dana your sister, how would you impress her into something? story-line is weird but game play is good, one interesting thing about this game is you have different mini games about office and work, in all we have a complete package of entertainment and glitch-free game play which makes dreaming of Dana a great game to play.
  • Life Is Good:games like Summertime Saga Life is Good is a psychic game making it a unique one in this list of games like Summertime Saga, basically this comes down to gaining control of another person,which means you would be able to control mind, or something like in sleep, it is puzzling but has a creative and compelling story-line, the basic plot in this game is to find the fastest way to get laid and get everything done with your family members, which is awkward in a way but still does make it one-of-its-kind crazy shit game to play when you are alone
  • Coming out on Top  This is either made for girls or guys from LGBT community because this game is all bout masculine plot, Coming Out On Top, is probably an unique game over all,for the plot, it starts with a guy named Mark Mathews, who comes out of closet starts searching for guys, well you get the picture, overall it has a decent story-line and smooth game play, it is a decent enough game to play online, which makes it to the list of games like Summertime Saga.
  • Amber’s Magic Shop :When we see the term ‘magic’ in the title we imagine the dreary witch crafting, harry potter? well kinda, it is a game where you are an elf and an alchemist (weird flex but okay!) is sent to city of Islia, to finish the training as a mage,this game takes turns, where you play a role of a Bi, which means that you love to sleep with women and men, this is weird but if you are the weird one,this is the best game like Summertime Saga, if you’re into a bit of seduction, if you love both ends of a string, its a marvelous game to start off with.
  • Harem Party Party? name it, Harem party is a crazy fun game like Summertime Saga, which mainly focuses on fun part of the parties! the story-line goes through a gamer kid named Moruji Haru, who is playing this wacky role-playing game(just like you mate xD ) but here the game characters come to reality in the game, and you ought to keep interacting with them, and by interacting you know what I mean? while this is a great party game to play, it does have good graphics and great game play making it a fun game to play while you are alone
  • Sisterly Lust games like Summertimesaga Sisterly lust is a bit cringey, but if you have weird incest fetish this game is just made for you! although it is weird at first, it is a story in which father has lost a case so you had to stay away from sister and mother, but your dad is sick of you, so your mom decides to take you back to them, so there you have attractive sisters, what do you do? will you stay put or blow everything up? up-to, this game isn’t for everyone but still its one of the games like Summertime Saga so we included it in this list of best games like Summertime Saga

Games like Summertime Saga

well all the games listed above are probably outrageous and outlandish, but some people like weird stuff, so we thought to include the games like Summertime Saga, hope you got the games you wanted, do share the post with friends and let us know if you know any game similar!

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How To Clean Macbook Pro/Air Screen,Touch Bar Without Scratching



When it comes to macbooks, retina screens are one-of-its kind screens with vibrant colors and brighter pixels, but it sure is a fingerprint and dust magnet, cleaning the screen might be an easy work, but you need to make sure you don’t harm the other components in the process, so we thought of giving you a guide on how to clean macbook pro/air screen or in newer devices touch bar as well.

Macbook screens are delicate, and needs some care, to make sure we don’t do anything to other components or keyboard it its better to read Apple Guidelines on cleaning the Macbook Pro/Air which I will be linking at the end of the post.

How To Clean Macbook Pro/Air Aluminum Body Without Damage

How to Clean Macbook Pro/Air Screen

Note that Screens differ model to model, if you are using an old model of macbook, its better to ensure if the screen can withstand wipes while cleaning, also make sure to avoid the use of any solvents which might damage the screen in cleaning.

  • Turn Off your Macbook Pro/Air.
  • Unplug all the cords, including power supply and dongles.
  • Take a dry lint-free cloth and wipe of the surface dust so that it doesn’t scratch further.
  • Take a a soft, lint-free cloth and damp in water.
  • Make sure you take out excess water, wipe the screen gently and take out all the dust.
  • Again take the Dry lint-free cloth and give it a dab and wipe it to take out moisture.
  • Wait for a while and let it dry out completely and then turn on your macbook.

How to Clean Macbook Pro/Air Touch Bar

Touch bar is basically a strip of OLED screen which runs across top of your keyboard, is also prone to get dirty due to dust or harsh environments, so it is essential to clean that as well, unlike Macbook screen, Touch bar is a bit delicate so we need to be careful about it

  • Make sure Macbook is turned off
  • Unplug all the cables,chords.
  • take a 3M Gray Microfiber or soft dye-free, lint-free cloth
  • Wipe the touch bar gently and repeat the same after damping the cloth with less amount of water.
  • with gentle dabs dry the touch bar and wait for it to completely dry before turning on.

Things to remember

Before you go out and spray some solvent on your macbook pro/air screen beware! that this solvent can drip into components and damage your macbook, so it’s better to damp the cloth rather, and make sure you don’t use acetone based solvents(if you are using solvents)

Apple’s Guide to Clean Macbook Screen

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How To Clean Macbook Pro/Air Aluminum Body Without Damage



Macbooks are beautiful machines with well built bodies, the uni-body aluminium on Macbooks are surely a head-turner and is what makes it a premium one of its kind laptop to have! Due to weather conditions or our laziness, we often find dust or dirt on Macbook’s aluminium body. Now we know laptops especially Macbooks, we find it very difficult to get the dirt out!

so here’s a guide to clean Macbook Pro/Air Aluminium Body Without Damage

Especially when we have laptop stickers and want to remove them, it gets very difficult to remove them, if you’re looking for a guide to clean macbook pro/air for laptop stickers here’s a different guide:

Guide to Clean Macbook Pro/Air aluminium body

Macbook pro/air have a Sturdy enough body built with various materials, so we must make sure not to use materials or solvents which can harm the body or the finish of the macbook , we must make sure is not to spray water or water based products to clean the surface of the macbook as it can go inside sensitive areas and cause components to short circuit and malfunction.Note that this guide is based on guidelines to clean apple devices given by Apple, on their official site.

  • Unplug your Macbook from Power cord or any Cords/dongles attached to it.
  • Turn off your macbook and make sure it’s turned off and not in sleep or hibernate.
  • Take a dry lint-free  soft cloth and wipe the whole body to remove dust  on the surface.(Avoid Paper,tissue or any cloth that gives out particles which might harm components)
  • For the Above surface of the macbook , take a lint-free cloth and add any solvent which doesn’t contain H2O2( hydrogen peroxide)
  • Start with water, don’t apply liquid to the surface, damp the cloth.
  • wipe the above surface gently and give dabs with a dry cloth.
  • For the below surface, Apple Suggests to use a M Gray Microfiber or soft dye-free, lint-free cloth.
  • We don’t suggest using any kind of liquid for bottom case as it might have gaps enough to damage the components if liquids enter.
  • If it is out of hand and too dirty, maybe take it to Apple care and they might have a fix or a new bottom case!

Cleaning the Macbook yourself

Apple suggests cleaning the macbooks with dry lint-free cloth as in the newer versions which have a touch bar or a finger print sensor, as they could be damaged by other substances, if you are looking for a guide to clean macbook pro/air screens heres one: How To Clean Macbook Pro/Air Screen,Touch Bar Without Scratching

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