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How to Install Custom Themes in Windows 10/7/8:Visual Styles



WIndows 10 custom theme

So you want custom themes on Windows 10? Windows 10 initially had this feature called ‘visual styles’ ever since windows vista, which enabled users to change looks and visual appearance of Windows 10, but this was a dead end for those looking for windows 10 custom theme, as visual styles only supported  desktop themes on windows 10, which had many limitations,

Now by a custom theme on windows 10 I mean entire customization where everything including start menu, the aesthetics of explorer, apps, animations everything, now this is only possible with a windows 10 custom theme, which allows us to modify every element in windows 10.

How to install a Windows 10  Custom theme

Now in Windows 10 by default we have lots of limitations of how we can customize and add a custom theme on windows 10, although now we can add dark-mode on windows 10 which is quite an upgrade from what we were able to do before, now in the latest update you can also turn the entire start menu white which is a good thing.

now moving on we can do this with various third-party apps which can help you install a windows 10 custom theme!

  • Installing WindowBlinds: Now WindowBlinds is a third-party software which we can download online from stardock’s site , as the latest builds of Windows 10 doesn’t support custom-themes we are installing WindowBlinds,  WIndows 10 custom theme
    Once you install WindowBlinds, Open the application, head to style; here you would find numerous inbuilt windows 10 custom themes, which change everything, here you can either use a pre-built theme which you liked in the list of windows 10 custom theme, by choosing the theme and clicking on ‘Apply Style to Dekstop’ or download windows 10 custom themes from deviant art. WIndows 10 custom theme
  • Customizing WindowBlinds:  WIndows 10 custom themeNow we might not be pleased with the inbuilt windows 10 custom themes on WindowBlinds, so we can modify the theme by changing icons, font and colors, as per your requirements, and in-case you are a lazy bum to do that, head to this is a third-party repository where you will find many windows 10 custom themes, to start off with, once you download you can head  to choosing the them in WindowBlinds and clicking on ‘Apply Style to Desktop’
  • Using UltraUXThemePatcher (freeware): (Note: Applications like UltraUXThemePatcher modifies system files, so be very careful with it)   UltraUXThemePatcher is a similar application like WindowBlinds but FREE application which allows us to install a windows 10 custom theme, but here we have wide set of features and maximum customization,
    Once you download and install UltraUXThemePatcher you can start customization, you can customize with different colors,styles and icons which you might like.
  • Themes for UltraUXThemePatcher: Windows 10 Custom themeIf you are wondering where to find windows 10 custom theme for UltraUXThemePatcher, head to Deviantart here you can find a wide range of themes from various authors who make it better and better everyday!
  • Adding a Windows 10 custom theme to Visual Styles: Now this is something to do with system files without installing a third-party theme application or software, here we are downloading windows 10 custom themes and placing it into visual styles,
  • Downloading a windows 10 custom theme:  Windows 10 Custom themewe can find tons of custom themes for windows 10 on deviantart, you can download theme by choosing whichever you like.
  • Using a Windows 10 custom theme on Visual Styles:  Now this is a bit tricky, here we have downloaded windows 10 custom themes, once you extract the zip file you will find a windows 10 custom theme file, and a theme folder, now we need to copy the folder to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes ,  because the windows 10 custom theme needs its resources, so once you copy the folder into the location,open the theme file in the folder, which will open up the visual styles.
  • Customizing the theme in Visual Styles: You can further customize the windows 10 custom theme by changing colors or fonts or even adapt the features from other themes already in the visual styles section.

Windows 10 & custom theme

Microsoft is trying to make things simpler, with the new user-interface, they are trying to remove the features inherited from windows 7 like the aero theme, visual styles and the good old control panel, although they won’t be removing any soon, once the user base gets used to the new interfaces of settings and desktop apps, Microsoft will remove them.

hope you found this guide to install a windows 10 custom theme helpful, do let us know if you face any issue while installing a windows 10 custom theme by commenting down below!

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Top 10:List of Best Free Resume Builder Sites Online



best free resume builder site

Have you ever thought of building yourself a resume? but always thought it was a tough job to be done, worry not, we bring you the list of best online resume builder sites, where you can build your entire resume online without paying for it! we are listing down the best free resume builder sites to look up-to while building a resume to yourself.

Why an online resume builder?

Things might look simple, but building a resume requires you to know completely how a resume is built and what all is required to make it look professional, so using an online resume builder would get you a professional resume for free and also would have less or no efforts of yours required for building your resume online, as everything is already pre-made for you!

List of Best resume builder sites

we have compiled a list of best resume builder sites comprising of wide range of features,templates, specific functionalities,pros and cons, choose the one that fits your needs.

  1. Standard Resumebest free resume builder site 
    Standard Resume has a minimalist approach to the being the best free resume builder site, a very simple web-based resume editor, you can get the things done in a jiffy, you can open the resume builder on smartphone or desktop, when you download your resume it is in PDF already which saves the hassle of making it print ready. Minimalism makes it a simple tool to handle,without much efforts we would be able to build resume online and download it for free!
    pros: easy-to-use, time-saving
    cons:no prebuilt templates
  2. Enhancv
    enchancv is a web-based free resume builder, with all the required basic functionalities, enchancv is a good free resume builder site which enables you to enter your details, strengths and strong points to build your resume online, with pop-up tips and examples, it is easy to build your resume online!
    pros: simple-design, refreshing look
    cons: less templates
  3. Ineedaresumebest free resume builder site
    if you are looking to build a traditional resume, the boring ones like you see in every other interview, this is the right site for best free resume builder online, not only that, this site consists of wide range of templates and examples to consider and frame your resume into a professional and well built one online!
    pros: seamless,simple
    cons: no fancy graphics
  4. Resume Maker by Canvabest free resume builder site
    you must already know about canva by now! if not canva is a popular online platform used to create designs with simple drag and drop methods, they have a minimalistic approach to everything! here we need the best resume builder online, so canva has this section where you can build your resume choosing from a wide range of templates with professional design.
    pros: modern,easy to build, drag and drop, fonts
    cons: have to pay for some templates
  5. Resume Builder by Qwilrbest free resume builder site
    resume builder by qwilr is a simple web-app which enables you to design your resume online by entering simple details, it automatically builds a elegant resume, you can choose from a wide range of templates, this is more of a quick method to build your resume, this resume builder only takes few minutes to build your entire resume!
    pros: quick, wide range of templates
    cons: not fancy enough 😛
  6. Resume Samples by VisualCV
    VisualCv offers you to build the best free resume online, although kinda old-school it does provide a versatile platform, the best part of VisualCv resume builder is that it is well organized in templates, which also accepts multimedia uploads.
    pros: clutter-free,wide range of templates
    cons: free only for basic features
  7. SlashCVbest free resume builder site
    slashCV is one of the best free resume builder sites with wide range of free templates, the best part of SlashCv is that it enables you to fill in all the details and builds it itself, saves the time and hassle, once you choose the templates from the list of 28 templates you have a well built resume!
    pros: minimal,free
    cons: no multimedia support
  8. Cvmaker
    cv maker is a great resume builder with all the basic features and functionality of a best free resume builder! coming with good user-interface it has few good templates from which you can build resumes that can shine your talents! All you need to do is fill in the details choose the template you like and its done, you can add more sections to include more information which is a good thing!
    pros: simple
    cons: less free templates
  9. Resume Bakingbest free resume builder site
    Resume baking is one-of-kind best free resume builder site online! coming with its own free cover letter builder in the site, we have a wide range of features including drag and drop, and importing information from Social Media Sites like facebook and LinkedIn, there is a wide range of templates, and huge functionality making it one of the best free resume builder site online.
    pros:wide range of templates
    cons: custom editor
  10. Resume.combest free resume builder site
    it is one of the simplest or easiest resume builder in the list of best free resume builder sites, comprises of free templates to choose from, all you have to do is fill up the details in the boxes and choose a template from wide range of templates and you have your resume ready, to download in PDF format, the best part of this site is that it has a dashboard to edit and create as many as resumes you want to in a go, so it is very convenient in case you are helping your friends out or if you are building resumes in bulk.
    pros: many free templates,dashboard
    cons:no multimedia support

Best resume builder sites online: conclusion

resume is metaphorically the key to a successful job application, apart from your skills,degree the most important thing to build is a resume, once you have a great resume and a good cover letter, you will definitely be able to define yourself and be confident about your skills to apply for a job and attend the interview, we hope this list of best resume builder sites helped you out,do let us know if you know any good resume builder sites to add to this list 🙂

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Download Notepad++ For MAC: Best alternatives for Notepad++




Notepad++ is a powerful tool for all the developers and beginners,especially for the web developers, but the sad part is Notepad++ is only available for windows, so we have too lookout for similar tools to that for Notepad++, so basically we are gonna find Notepad++ for Mac os or macbook, so let us dig in to the alternatives of Notepad++ for Macbook,

Download Notepad++ for Mac

so we need to find tools which are similar or having similar features to that of Notepad++, main things we are gonna do is to get the basic features required to develop,some of them include: text-highlighting, code implementation, compiler, terminal and other features to be in an IDE, Notepad++ is easily the best text-editor cum IDE out there in Windows platform, now for Mac if you want the same code editor features, we have the list below to download Notepad++ for Mac os.

Just in case :Best Code Editors for Chromebook

Best alternatives of Notepad++ for Mac

As we already know Notepad++ is not available to do download on a mac, so down below we compiled the list of best alternatives of Notepad++ for Mac

  1. Sublime Text 3:download notepad++ for mac Sublime text 3 is easily one of the best code/text-editors available for mac os, if you are looking for a good alternative for Notepad++ for mac os, this is the best Notepad++ alternative you can download on your Mac Os device, coming with variety of customizable features, code highlighting, documentation, and support for wide range of codes makes it a versatile alternative of Notepad++ for Mac OS, Sublime Text 3 indeed has additional features to change the overall appearance of the way it looks, and the colors 0f the highlighted code scores a cookie point in this list of alternatives for Notepad++ on Mac, the favorite part of Sublime is that it is cross platform, which means that you would be simultaneously able to work on the codes on all platforms. Download Sublime text 3
  2. Atom:best alternatives for notepad++ on mac atom is an underdog which went popular and has a wide fan-base just for the user-interface and the way things are organized and decluttered, along with Notepad++ features like code-highlighting, support for various codes, and terminal scores a 10/10 on the Notepad++ alternative scorecard, Atom is for people who enjoy a minimalist touch to everything, coming to the Notepad++ its exactly on the opposite side of spectrum, Atom adds the same functionalities of Notepad++ and also gives it the minimalist look that you have been looking for your whole life. Download Atom
  3. Brackets: download notepad++ for macBrackets is a decent enough IDE, similar to notepad++,which can be downloaded for free, brackets is more of a front-end developer thing to begin with, which means that Brackets is meant for web-designers and front end developers. Like Notepad++,for mac brackets has all the customisable features, With plenty of themes, you get Git integration,css,js markup, special features like grabbing hex colors from a PSD file add up as brownie points on this list of Best alternatives for notepad++ on Mac. Download Brackets
  4. Visual Studio Code: download notepad++ for mac you might have come across VSC already, one of the most used editors on Windows, this is an IDE from Microsoft, which makes it cross platform, coming to the features like Notepad++ by downloading VSC you’d have access to vast library of add-ons or extenstions for various languages,various libraries, it comes with a live terminal and compiler, which can be handy to run something on the terminal simultaneously, the constant connection with git and notification if you have too many commits to push, are some of the best features of the Notepad++ alternative:Visual studio code. Download VSC
  5. UltraEdit: download notepad++ for macultra edit is one of those tools which looks exactly like the one we are looking for, which is to download notepad++ for mac, Ultra Edit is somewhat as per interface, quite similar to that of Notepad++,Ultra edit has the basic features of notepad++ including code highlighting,folding,theming,support for retina display of your macbooks,spell-check and much more, ultraedit is widely used in Perl and Python developer communities because of the indentation support in UltraEdit,which makes it a great alternative for Notepad++ on Mac. Download UltraEdit
  6. MacVim text editor: Download notepad++ for macokay! now emacs fans hold your horses, MacVim is a clone of widely popular unix based text-editor VIM, MacVim is more of an alternative for VIM than that of it is an alternative of Notepad++ on Mac, coming with all basic features it is available to download for free, which made it a good alternative of notepad++ on mac. MacVim brings a lot to the table compared to the paid ones mentioned in this list of best alternatives of Notepad++ on mac, with the Free tag. Download MacVim
  7. Textastic:Download Notepad++ for mac textastic is a powerful tool coming with an affordable rate, with support upto more than 80 languages,and some exclusive features like auto-completetion support for HTML,CSS,JavaScript,PHP,C and Objective C. As textastic uses Native APIs from apple, this gives you the boost of stock experience, especially for a mac user it is important to have the sync, textastic has iCloud support and also it enables you to work around several devices at once, for instance you can code the same file on your iPad with the Textastic iOS app or look at the code on your phone. Download Textastic
  8. Code Runner 2: best alternatives for notepad++Code runner 2 is a decent enough text editor to download and a good alternative to Notepad++ on mac, one of the best features of code runner 2 is auto-completion support for almost all popular languages which it supports, and this text-editor supports completely 23 languages, the customizability, themes, navigation and auto indentation are some of the things to admire in this alternative of Notepad++ on mac. Download Code Runner 2
  9. BBEdit 12: best notepad++ alternatives for macone of the old text-editors available for mac, well not much but it does really feel like notepad++, supporting rich text editing and HTML BBEdit 12 is a decent alternative to Notepad++ on Mac to type in code.BBEdit 12 lies in the unique spectrum of things where this is only meant for web developers who prefer minimalism over so many features they barely use. BBEdit 12 is probably the most simple alternative of Notepad++ for mac in this list of notepad++ alternatives for mac. Download BBEdit 12
  10. Coda 2: download notepad++ for macCoda 2 is one those complex tools that every developer likes to play around, mainly meant for web developers, coming with variety of features like code highlighting, auto-complete, auto-closing of the tags, we get a versatile platform to code on, coming to the best part of Coda 2, it has features like live terminal and access to use, edit files directly of clouds like AWS or digital ocean which can be integrated to get better overview of what’s running on your cloud, features like FTP and SMTP enables it to be in the list of alternatives for Notepad++ but stands out with exceptional features. Download Coda 2

Download Notepad++ for mac

Well, the bummer is we don’t have Notepad++ for Mac os, so compiling alternatives of Notepad++ seemed to be a better idea,hope this helped you out in coding the language you prefer, do let me know if you have any doubts

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ASUS Launches New Range of ROG Laptops Powered With NVIDIA GeForce RTX



Asus ROG: the ROG gaming laptop range from Asus has been updated recently with new NVIDIA GeForce RTX, the latest and the greatest GPU from Nvidia, with new technologies like ray-tracing, the new ROG line-up has a great lineup with new features for gamers,ROG after CES, has announched its thinnest 15 inch gaming laptop Zephyrus:ROG Zephyrus S GX531, ROG Zephyrus S GX701, with ROG strix Scar II and Strix Hero II coming upgraded with all new NVIDIA GeForce RTX.


ROG Zephyrus S GX531:Initial Impressions

World’s Slimmest Gaming Laptop: being its USP we have Zepyhrus comes with an ultra-slim body, with a bright 15.6 inch display, power-packed with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, zephyrus is a gaming beast, just made for high end gaming, in a slimmer form.
Coming to the design aspects, we can clearly see how thin the laptop is considering the amount of power it holds including the all new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, we have everything a gaming laptop needs(not to miss RGB) and yet turns out to be a magnificently designed device.
When we talk about RTX, it changes the whole gaming experience on a laptop, the all new ray-tracing technology is one-of-its kind tech to admire the smallest of the small details when you game.
performance on the new device was incredible, many huge game titles ran smoothly and effortlessly without any frame drop, or lag. Apart from the smoother experience, the attention to the smallest details is incredible and indeed easily noticeable, with RTX giving it a boost, every game we play gets more intense and incredible to watch.

ROG Zephyrus S GX701GX: Performance Beast in a Sleek Body

When it is a 15.6 inch screen its okay, how about a 17 inch laptop? well yes! your prayers have been answered! Zephyrus S comes in a 17 inch form factor, just right where some gamers prefer to be gaming at, with 8th gen core i7-8750H CPU, and backed with even more powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q. with an incredible 81% screen to body ratio, RGB lighting and thin form factor, it makes it a wonderful gaming experience


ROG Strix Scar II :RPG more?

This is a device, someone whos into professional gaming would love, coming with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU, and i7-8750H CPU, ROG Strix makes it the perfect spot for all pro-gamers, who like to break the limits! and yet not lose the frame rates or performance of overall gaming experience, with NVMe PClex3 SSD and SSHD gives you top- notch boot up speed and performance.


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