We all have come across this situation where we need a white background to put up our pic in resume or maybe change the background to post on social media, what if we could change the background of a photo just with your iPhone using an app? amazing right? down below is a list of best photo editing apps which allow you to change the background of your image.

Changing background of a photo:

changing background of a photo technically involves removing of the existing background and putting up a new image  or color, as a background, this can be easily done on your iPhone by using simple apps which just allow you to cut, edit background with what you want to focus and merges with whatever image or color you choose to use as background for your photo, all this in your iPhone, below is the list of apps that allow you to remove and change background of photos:

Best Apps to Change Background on iPhone X/8/7

  • Background changer-Best Photo Background Editor: this app allows us to change existing background of your photo which might consist of unwanted objects or people, to start of with this app contains many features including retouching and editing, comes with a clutter free user interface which makes it into the top of the list of best apps to change background on iPhone.
  • Photo Blender & Layers Overlay:  this app is quite different from the above one but does the job, it allows us to remove background, blend in with a background image that we choose to use, on your iPhone, minimalist user interface is admirable.
    Foto Effekte - Double Exposure
    Foto Effekte - Double Exposure
  • Cut Copy Paste Photos : cut copy paste photos is a simple app to remove background, it has features like background eraser which helps you to cut down unwanted picture from the background, and allows you to add any image you want for background, making it easy for you to cut off the background and change the background of the image in your iPhone.
    Cut Copy Paste Photos
    Cut Copy Paste Photos
    Developer: Dexati
    Price: Free+
  • Filterstorm Neue:  filterstorm is a great app for those who are in dire need of removing background on their iPhones but need a simple app which does it all and have a set of features to edit the picture after they remove or change background of the image, the app allows users to remove the unwanted background and add a background which they want to have and retouch it to make it perfect, overall app experience is good apart from the user-interface usability is good.
    Filterstorm Neue
    Filterstorm Neue
    Developer: Tai Shimizu
    Price: 4,49 €
  • Superimpose:  This is a popular app across iTunes, this app is known for changing background on your iPhone, this was also featured on our previous post of Best Photo editing apps to remove background, super impose is a great app to start off with, this is a great photo editing app for iPhones which has basic functionalities, which allows user to edit pictures instantaneously, but what we are concerned about is its ability to remove background or change the background of an image to whatever we choose to have 

Best background changing apps for iPhones

we all are in need of photo editing apps which helps us to change background, especially in iPhones, it is very hard to finnd apps that really get the job done, so we made sure to include apps that work and change the background of your photo on your iPhone, we hope this list of apps helped you change background, do let us know if you have a query down below in comment section

Best photo editing apps to remove background on iPhone

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