We all take tons and tons of pictures on our phone daily, but sometimes when we want to post pictures on social media, or maybe for an application we would want to remove background of the pictures on our phones, or even have a different background so that we can avoid the disturbance in background, we are here with a list of iPhone apps to change background of a photo, or remove unwanted things in background right in your iPhone.

there are wide range of apps to choose from to remove background of a photo on your iPhone, we have shortlisted a list of apps that work well, and help you remove unwanted background of the photo. We need to understand that this can be done in Photoshop easily, but in order to do it in your iPhone we do need to install these apps in order remove background from images.

Few people just want to remove background of the photos on iPhone while some want to change the background of photo, so we made a separate list for both

Best Apps To Remove Background on iPhone X/8/7:

  • Magic Eraser Background Editor: magic eraser background editor basically is a simple app to remove background of your photo on iPhone. you can select the objects in your image which you want to keep and erase the rest unwanted background,and just keep the required image.It has dead simple user-interface,which is the reason it makes to the list of best apps to remove background on iPhone, It supports all iOS devices including iPhone 7,8,X,Xs 

    Foto Hintergrund Radiergummi
    Foto Hintergrund Radiergummi
    Developer: Alan Cushway
    Price: Free+


  • Pic Background Eraser photo blender: Pic background eraser photo blender is an iOS app for removing background of your photo,this has more features than the previous app to remove background, this app has additional features like adding other background and retouching which can help in changing the background of a photo.
    The app was not found in the store. 🙁
  • Background Eraser superimpose: Background eraser or popularly known as super impose, is a clean app to remove background of your photo or replace it with white background, this enables you to map your required image and remove unwanted scene in background, sharp edges, detailed cutting is admirable, overall a great app to start with to remove background or change it in your iPhone.
  • Background Eraser – Pic Editor: background eraser pic editor is a minimal app with vast amount of features, in this list of best apps to remove background, background eraser makes it easy and glitch free, as the user interface is smooth and less sketchy, you will really enjoy editing in this app we can just choose the object to be focused and remove the unwanted background or even add what we want to add.
    Background Eraser - Pic Editor
    Background Eraser - Pic Editor
  • Cut Paste Photo, Background:  Cut paste background is basically a very simple app from all other apps to remove background on your iPhone, this will also allow you to change the background to your desired image or color, ie. this will allow you to remove background, and add a plain white background or anything that you like, all right in your iPhone.

Removing backgrounds in iPhone

all these apps work well to remove backgrounds on your iPhone, all we need to do is select the object we want to keep, might be a person or object or even a pet, and erase or remove rest of the background, also some iPhone apps offer to change the background of the photo too! do let us know if you have an query down below!

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