Were you also annoyed by the buggy Apple keyboard? Or do you miss android keyboard after the switch? it might be thumb typing or swiping around the screen forming words easily,swift-key stands out to be the best keyboard alternative out there for Apple keyboard.

although we have seen drastic changes and updates in Apple keyboard, it still lacks that usability and customization, while most of us don’t bother about the customization part we need to worry more about the usability, while we all know apple has never been great with keyboards( 😉 😛 ifykwim) here most of the android users who switched from android have a problem getting used to on Apple keyboard, solution? swiftkey for iPhone

Why Swift key for iPhone?

while Apple is too picky on what can be done using third-party apps on your iPhone, luckily it does support a custom keyboard! Why a custom keyboard you ask? while some of us enjoy the classic Apple keyboard,most of us are annoyed with the usability of the default Apple keyboard, Swift-Key stands out with great features, easily adaptable, and the classic swipe to type is the reason to switch.

Swift-key For iPhone :Features

  • Better UI: better well spaced keys compared to Apple keyboard, clean and clutter-free experience is one feature i admire.
  • Snappy Predictor: built in word predictor works smoothly,fetching most used words,making it easy for you to type faster and efficiently
  • Clipboard: Swift-key for iPhone has its own built in clipboard which enables you to select,copy,paste content separately with keyboard
  • Sync: seamlessly, synchronize your data across all devices and get the same suggestions and words across all devices
  • Customization: swift-key for iPhone enables you to add some colors or background, or arrange the letters to your desired order, various cosmetic changes can add color to your iPhone
  • Swipe Gestures: Different gestures for different purposes different letters can be assigned to make typing on your phone easy
  • Flow:  One of the favorite original feature of Swift-key, flow enables you to swipe through letters to casually form a word, continuously swiping across letters and pausing will automatically form a word,which makes it easier to type on your iPhone
SwiftKey Tastatur
SwiftKey Tastatur
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free+


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