Who doesn’t know this classic game? SIMS! EA and Maxis released the first sims game: ‘The sims’ in 2000, fandom increased rapidly, and was known to create open ended simulation of daily life, allowing Gamers to create their own virtual life, with own virtual character,sims was a revolution in gaming industry,as users had huge expectations towards the launch of the Sims5 no one expected that they would announce it this soon, as there are more franchises for EA to release.

In the emerging world of Battle Royales, games like PUBG or Fortnite stole the show, while there isn’t been a competitor for the EA’s own classic Sims,Grant Rodiek speculated that if Sims 4 goes down the road, Sims 5 isn’t gonna come back, but guess what? we have the good news!

When?Where?:Sims 5 release dates,rumors,sims5-release date

It’s been 4 years since ‘The sims 4’ was released, and by the rumors and speculations made by what Rodiek and Maxis said,Sims 4 was a great success, with lesser buzz around, we digged deep in! EA forums, Sims official mods, we only had updates about The sims 4 and it’s additional packs, we found an answer by a gamer, which was later approved as solution in EA forum, which said

“sims 4 is gonna last longer than 2,3” “if there is sims 5 it’s not gonna be soon”

this was posted by a gamer, so i wouldn’t bet on this, so we looked out wider, and the good news is there is gonna be Sims 5 pretty soon!


Speculation about dates of release:sims 5


There are massive rumors, youtube videos about Sims 5 trailer,teaser, game play, but there isn’t actually a real leak as in when the sims 5 is gonna be released, all these videos and gameplays aren’t real, as far as Sims 4 Gamers are concerned, they are still into Sims 4 and with all the add on packs releasing, Few are just curious about what else EA has to offer the existing fans for the classic game! we looked deep into  reddit community

we found out that ‘Sim Gurus’ or pro players of the game are hardly bothered about the sims 5, while the curious crowd has few speculations and few strong sources of news about Sims 5, while there is an entire sub Reddit made for the sims5 r/sims5 

Prediction of Sims Gurus

Pro-players often predict the right time, this time one of them speculated that it is going to be released in 2019, with the record of the release of previous games which all had 4-5 year gap in between each release, seems accurate and we can actually bet on it,

  • the sims was released in 2000,
  • the sims2 in 2004(exactly after four years)
  • the sims 3 in 2009 (after 5 years)
  • the sims 4 in 2014(again 5 years gap)
  • the sims 5 in 2019?

Although all these are just speculations, we need to think through the development process, with the increase in buzz to VR and AR game plays, what if EA and Maxis are working for something very big?who knows? but the problem we find here is, the previous releases of game still has many things to fix and moreover they are updating different additional packs for all of them.

What to expect?: The sims 5:

Infinite world to explore? VR based game? there are rumors of HTC VIVE PSVR coming along with EA to create games specifically for VR, but with our sources, we are sure, PC gamers aren’t ditched here, but the good news for console gamers is, Sims 5 will be for Playstation as well as XBOX, by other sources we also found out that Microsoft is planning to add keyboard to the XBOX, nothing official yet 😉 but i can imagine a hell lot of Sims players who have an XBOX lying at home happy!

The sims 5 release: Which quarter?

As we have seen over the years EA has a tradition of keeping the year gaps accurate for releases, unlike other companies EA likes to bring everything to life in an extravagant way, so by the gaps over the years on sims the first till the sims 4 it has been 4-5 years, so it will be released in 2019!

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