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[SOLVED] DNS Probe Finished Bad Config:Google Chrome



DNS Probe Finished No Internet

dns_probe_finished_bad_config or DNS Probe Finished Bad Config in Google Chrome is a common error found by users, this error can have multiple reasons to occur.

we are going to look into simple methods to fix dns_probe_finished_bad_config  error,here there is no big technical knowledge required,this error is commonly found by DNS errors, before solving the problem let us know more abou what caused this error.

What led to dns_probe_finished_bad_config error

This error  is commonly found by Google Chrome users, but is the browser causing the problem? maybe, but as the error itself says it has something to do with the DNS servers.

Websites have multiple IP addresses to serve every user who tries to access with a  browser, dns_probe_finished_bad_config error occurs when DNS fails to translate the URL to the IP addresses.

there are various reasons from which this error might have occured, like if you installed a new software, or if you have given wrong DNS IP address.

we are going to look into various ways to solve the error.

Easy Ways to Fix dns_probe_finished_bad_config error

  • Reset the router: most of you might have already tried  this obvious way to fix things, if you haven’t. then try resetting your router,and restarting PC again and check if error has been resolved, many times DNS config problem can be due to misconfig in routers. so by resetting them we can try fixing the error
  • Using Google DNS or Third Party DNS: here we are gonna use different DNS server IPs than what is already set in router or your computer, in order to do this, first we have to head on to the Network and Sharing center,  we can find change adapter settings option.Once the new window opens,right-click and select properties for the network on which you are trying to solve dns_probe_finished_bad_config error  from the list look out for tick box of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), double-clicking on it will give us access to change the DNS IPs,change the default IPs to following: for Preferred DNS server: ;Alternate DNS server:  click on ok and save the settings choose Validate settings upon exit and exit the settings, now head to Command Prompt or use windows+r  to open up run, type cmd  and hit enter to get CommandPrompt running, now enter ipconfig /flushdns command and hit enter, close the browser and open it again,you’ll be able to access internet without any error
  • Restart the DNS service: if the above steps didn’t work out,you might need to restart the DNS service manually in services, you can do this by opening Run and typing in services.msc  and hitting enter, now we will find a huge list of running services on your computer, in this list search for DNS Client  and right-click on it and restart the service, now close your browser and open again and your DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG will be solved!
  • CMD commands:as discussed in our previous solution to  DNS Probe Finished No Internet  error we can run through a set of commands which might resolve DNS errors, here you need to go to CommandPrompt again, easy way to do this is by pressing windows+r and then run pops up in that by typing cmd and hitting enter we can access CommandPrompt, now with the cmd ready we can execute the below given commands:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

after all these commands,restart your PC and your DNS Probe Finished problem will be resolved.


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How To enable Dark Mode/Theme on Windows 10



we all like the dark modes of all apps on our phones, we prefer it to be subtle if we are night users, but have you come across that Windows has a built-in feature to get a dark mode to literally everything? a dark theme for every application including explorer! we are here to know about how to enable this dark mode or dark theme on windows 10 so that we can use window 10 without too much brightness!


  • Windows 10’s inbuilt-feature basically enables us to get a dark mode to all the applications that we download from the windows store, it doesn’t affect other apps but we can help you get a dark mode for that as well.
  • To get the dark mode, go to settings by right clicking on your start menu or opening start menu and clicking on gear icon> Find Personalization > In that select Colors.
  • Here you will find a “Dark” option below “Choose your app mode” tab.
  • When we select this option, we can see that settings menu itself turns into dark mode with black background, all other system applications and applications that you have downloaded from the store will also turn dark, however few developers still haven’t given support to dark mode.
  • Many applications like File Explorer and Paint do have a dark mode.

Fix: Making other applications dark in windows 10

Some applications like File Explorer or Paint are dark by default by enabling dark mode in Windows 10, however there are some applications which do not change, so we tried different ways in which can make everything to run in dark mode!windows10darkmode

  • High contrast Mode:high contrast mode basically is for few visually challenged people, but we can surely enable it to make applications go black background, and enable us to get complete dark mode,we can do this by heading to settings>appearance and themes> and  pick high contrast mode,  this will turn all the desktop apps in windows 10 to be in dark mode.
  • Third party themers for windows 10: we can use third-party themers, in-order to obtain complete dark mode in windows 10 you can use third-party themers like Window Blinds, these themers apply dark mode to every application on windows 10, desktop apps as well. if you want custom themes on windows 10

Applying Dark Mode to Browsers in Windows 10

  • Chrome: dark-modealthough chrome doesn’t have a built-in dark mode,in chrome you can obtain a dark mode by installing a third-party theme on the chromestore, you can do this by heading over to, and install the dark theme as an extension, in no time you’d be able to get your chrome to be in dark mode.Also there are other chrome extensions which can turn every website you visit into dark mode!
  • Firefox:  firefox has an inbuilt dark mode which you can enable by just going into the settings of the browser and turning it on.
  • Microsoft Edge:  microsoft edge also has an inbuilt dark mode! you can also use the Windows 10 feature, but Edge has an inbuilt function which can be enabled by going into the settings.

Dark Mode in Microsoft Office in Windows 10

pic credit:softpedia

Microsoft Office is a popular suite of tools used by everyone, but have you ever wondered if microsoft office had a dark mode in windows 10 to work at night time? luckily we do! all you need to do is head to settings file>options> office theme and here choose black, this will turn everything into dark mode! in microsoft office, but you have to do this for every application for ex, Microsoft word or excel spreadsheet.

Dark mode everything in windows 10!

dark mode is a great vibe for night owls to work without glaring eyes, for long periods, some people don’t prefer this, but some of us do like dark mode in everything, it also makes things subtle. hope you liked the guide to turn everything into dark mode in windows 10 do comment if you have a query down below!

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Swiftkey For iPhone: The Perfect Alternative to Apple Keyboard?



Were you also annoyed by the buggy Apple keyboard? Or do you miss android keyboard after the switch? it might be thumb typing or swiping around the screen forming words easily,swift-key stands out to be the best keyboard alternative out there for Apple keyboard.

although we have seen drastic changes and updates in Apple keyboard, it still lacks that usability and customization, while most of us don’t bother about the customization part we need to worry more about the usability, while we all know apple has never been great with keyboards( 😉 😛 ifykwim) here most of the android users who switched from android have a problem getting used to on Apple keyboard, solution? swiftkey for iPhone

Why Swift key for iPhone?

while Apple is too picky on what can be done using third-party apps on your iPhone, luckily it does support a custom keyboard! Why a custom keyboard you ask? while some of us enjoy the classic Apple keyboard,most of us are annoyed with the usability of the default Apple keyboard, Swift-Key stands out with great features, easily adaptable, and the classic swipe to type is the reason to switch.

Swift-key For iPhone :Features

  • Better UI: better well spaced keys compared to Apple keyboard, clean and clutter-free experience is one feature i admire.
  • Snappy Predictor: built in word predictor works smoothly,fetching most used words,making it easy for you to type faster and efficiently
  • Clipboard: Swift-key for iPhone has its own built in clipboard which enables you to select,copy,paste content separately with keyboard
  • Sync: seamlessly, synchronize your data across all devices and get the same suggestions and words across all devices
  • Customization: swift-key for iPhone enables you to add some colors or background, or arrange the letters to your desired order, various cosmetic changes can add color to your iPhone
  • Swipe Gestures: Different gestures for different purposes different letters can be assigned to make typing on your phone easy
  • Flow:  One of the favorite original feature of Swift-key, flow enables you to swipe through letters to casually form a word, continuously swiping across letters and pausing will automatically form a word,which makes it easier to type on your iPhone
SwiftKey Tastatur
SwiftKey Tastatur
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free+


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Apple refund in app purchases:how to get refund from itunes or appstore



we all know that if theres a problem with apps or music that we purchased from apple app store, we can request a refund directly from Apple, but what if you bought something by accident? or what if you didn’t like it or didn’t intend to buy? we have the solution, also note that without a valid reason this might not work as supposed, or if you abuse it,it may never work.

How to get refund of in app purchases in iPhone or iPad

Apple has no official way in iPhones or iPads to actually report a problem, and getting onto the website might be a hassle, so we can head onto the reciept in our email inbox, and if we scroll down the reciept, we can see a small link which says report a problem, on clicking on this we will be prompted to enter credentials, once we enter credentials we can move on to report the problem and obtain the refund! we will find a burger menu which contains all the problems, so we choose the right one and press on submit, wait for few days for approval and poof we get our refund back!

Read more on:How do i find my apple purchase history

How to get a refund for in app purchases on pc

  • head on to Apple’s problem reports page 
  • login with your Apple ID and password
  • select the tab in which category you want a refund from in app purchases, report a problem ,choose the problem from burger menu and click on submit, you’ll receive an email soon from apple.

Behind the scene

when we report a problem to Apple, our problems are sorted as per the choices, whether we want a refund from app purchase or in-app purchases,the issues will be forwarded to respective developers, and then decided to either refund you or if the issue is resolved close the ticket, so relevant and feasible reasons can get your money back rather than trying to create a fake reason to get back money


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